The No.1 Answer to global warming & CO2 emissions control

In comparison with current materials, this highly refined (Nano is 1/10 billion of a meter) JTECK Thermal insulating glass coating IRUV H-SC, has attained new Heights in terms of hardness, Transparency & Durability. Thorough research & development led to the creation of a coating layer smooth enough to safeguard the clear tranparency of glass.

This epoch making product easily applied on the glass surface displays an uncanny capability to counter CO2 emissions & save energy.

  1. Blocking infrared rays keeps the heat out in Summer

Solar Heat penetrating from the window is reduced by 10­­°C. Infrared rays form the radiation wevelength where Solar Heat felt the most. The Energy Saving Coat cuts off over 30% of IR rays. This prevents a Rise in Room Temperature & eases off on the air conditioning.

  1. Blocking far infrared rays makes winter warm

50% of the condensation is deterred by coating.

In Winter, the energy saving glass coat stops the far IR rays that bring the warmth felt from heating & prevents the heat from escaping through the window.

  1. Outstanding in Power & Energy Saving

The difference in room temperature will show after application of the energy Saving Coat by 2 tp 3°C.

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The Radiant part of solar energy is not touched. However IR energy that amounts to 43% of the total is vastly cut off. The grilling feeling of midsummer heat is greatly reduced while air conditioning efficiency improves. Warm radiant energy is transparent & hence kept indoors. Far infrared rays emitted by room heating are prevented from escaping & heating is improved in winter.
  1. Obliterate over 99% of UV Rays

Shut out over 99% of those harmful UV rays & threats of Skin trouble, cancer, freckles, spot & other. Similarly keep away your curtains, carpets & others fromsunbrun deterioration.

  1. Keep the insects away

80% of compound eyed insects such as moth & the like are attracted by ultra violet rays from the lighting at night. Energy Saving glass coat does not only cut off UV rays from outside, it also stops UV rays emitted from inside lighting. Ideal for establishments operating at night, or using neon lights, advertisements such as Restaurants, Hotels, Food Factories, etc.

  1. A combination of Top Quality, Durability & Ease of Installation

This energy saving glass coat is easily installed, dries to the touch in 30 minutes, hardens in 2 days & solidifies compeltely in 2 weeks.

It hardens naturally at room temperature into an even surface offering remarkable insulating qualities. The 4H pencil hardness displays trong resistance to weather changes & other deterioration factors. Cleaning leaves no scratches. Durability at over 10 years is formidable & installation costs are covered fast by electricity cost saving.

  1. Transparency & clear view

With visible light transparency at over 75%, the view from Hotel windows, Buildings, Display windows or Privates living rooms is quite enjoyable. There is no obstruction & the appearance is nice from the outside. With wide windows, uneven colour is often the case. However, Energy Saving glass coat offers a clear view.