Clear the problems could not be solved with the photocatalysis of Titanium dioxide.

Three antistatic, super hydrophilic and ant-fouling surface coating.

Easy maintenance coating – Stain resistance and ease of cleaning characteristic.

This new coating binding tin oxide with antistatic function to silica used of creating a special glass layer with high permeability with single nano size particles. Platinum is also added in order to improve antistactic performance and tungsten oxide (WO3) for improving the performance of the hard coating. This molecule structure minimizes the deposition of sand and carbon and dirt talks off easily in the rain and with water. The coating can be easily applied with spray gun or squeegee.

Using tin oxide as antistatic effect.

Tungsten oxide (WO3) and Platinum (Pt) are added for improving the performance of the hard coating.

  1. Dirt takes off easily in the rain

Super hydrophilic coating

Synergistic hydrophilic property of several varieties of SiO2 utillized the fractal theory creates unique self-cleaning action. (Fractal theory: Fine irregularities of the surface enhance hydrophilic property)

  1. Only wash by water

Create effective super hydrophilic coating immediately after the application. (It takes more than 24 hours to complete cure). It doesn’t require any washinh detergent. The cleaning costs reduced significantly.

  1. High durability & Low maintenance

Electrostatic charge prevention function.

Ultrafine tin oxide don’t adsorb the dust and fine particles floating in the air and adhere just minimum amount of dirt and exhaust gas because of these have many free electrons and electric resistance value is low ( Surface resistivity: 1 07 ~ 1 09 Ω/¨)

  1. Hard Coating

Chemiscal resistance, durability and hardness are significantly improved by adding tungsten oxide particulate superalloy (WO3) or Platinum (Pt), Acid rain and bird droppinh are also cleaned.

  1. Prevent windows from fogging up

Super hydrophilic coating prevents windows and mirrors fogging up and keeps them clear. It achieves ultra hydrophilic film of water droplet contact angle below 5oC.

  1. High clarity & Low refractive index

It enable to applied evenly with high clairity by adjusting materials with low refractive index, SiO2 and SnO2 to suppress the reflection. Solar self-maintenance Coat achieved visible light transmission over 92% by adding tungsten oxide (WO3).


Phủ NANO trên bề mặt bê tông

For concrete, aluminum panel, and general exterior walls

Super Glass barrier is a great top coat on exterior paint and high reflective paint. Best suitable to concrete, aluminum panel, tile and general exterior walls. Strong adhesion. Hand or spray application. There are a number of pratica; accomplishments.

Major components – SiO2 (silicon dioxide)

SnO2 (Tin Oxide), Methanol.


Sơn phủ nano trên kính

This coating can be applied outer wall, concrete and window glass and so on by spray coating or squeegee coating.

At the easy applying, it is the almighty type that can be coated glass and exterior material, panels clearly.

Construction methods can be sprayed or used squeegee.

For recoating can be, I can be used as a maintenance business. It is the product which is most suitables cost reduction measures for cleaning.

Major components –SiO2 (Silicon dioxide)

Pt (Platinum), Methanol, Water.